Natura Cabana highly values the benefits of meditation and yoga, and so we invite and welcome guests and visitors to practice yoga in our beautiful temple which faces out to the sea. Adding yoga to your daily routine can help improve your life quality by gaining strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness. Along with meditation, yoga helps in developing a higher performance while expanding respiratory and concentration capacity through different techniques to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

We offer a variety of yoga classes so that you pick the one that best suits your needs, ranging from relaxing integral yoga to a more fast-paced ashtanga, all taught by certified yoga instructors. Our classes are diverse and all have a little “magical touch” brought by each teacher.

We are allowing a maximum of 8 people per class to enforce social distancing, so please make your reservation by contacting reception at the WhatsApp +1.849.214.7010 or calling 809.571.1507. 

Private yoga classes are also available. 

See below for our monthly Yoga Temple Schedule.

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