Our Garden

Here at Natura Cabana, we strive to offer the best organic products for our clients and employees by not using any pesticides or chemicals in our garden. The products we use to fortify plants and repel insects, for example neem oil, are 100% natural. Our orchard requires love, dedication, knowledge and patience to flourish. We have started to expand our garden are we are very proud to what it has now become. It features an assortment of banana trees, almond trees, a variety of greens and herbs, tomatoes, pumpkin and many more fruits and veggies – and don’t forget the beautiful edible flowers we use to decorate your meals! We also have a fish pond which acts as an aquaponics herb garden and a worm garden that feeds the plants. 

The Buddha Path

We welcome our guests to wander our Buddha Path which leads right to our organic garden. There are a few natural seating areas along the way, so feel free to meditate and savor the beautiful natural scenery that our garden has to offer. You are likely to see all kinds of critters roaming about. From hummingbirds to crickets and lizards, the Buddha Path is bustling with nature’s best. 

Garden to Table

We use as many ingredients as possible from our organic garden to prepare the meals you eat at both of our restaurants. If you order a mojito, we will even let you pick your own mint if you are up for it – and it does not get more organic than this!

We also sell veggie & herb baskets! All you have to do is contact reception at the WhatsApp +1.849.214.7010 and we will prepare a beautiful basket full of organic greens for you to enjoy at home!