In summer 2019, Melanie joined the Natura Cabana team. 

First hired as a yoga instructor, she quickly became an important team member involved in several different aspects of our business. For this reason, we thought we would introduce Melanie in this blog post.

Where are you from and how did you end up living in Cabarete? 

I was born in Budapest, Hungary but after I was born, my family moved to Austria and eventually, we moved to Canada. At a young age, I decided to embark on fitness competitions and learn how to surf as I continued my travels. I spent a short surf vacation here in Cabarete and I decided to inquire in one of the local Hotels for any vacancies for yoga and fitness instructor positions. I’ve officially arrived in Cabarete in mid-June of 2019 and fell in love with this place.

What is your professional background and how did you become so passionate about yoga and fitness?

My father, having been the Olympic coach for the Austrian gymnastics team, opened up his own fitness studio before I was born. With my father’s gymnastics and Tai Chi background, I was forced to enter into the world of Karate, gymnastics and swimming at the young age of three. 

Continuing competitive gymnastics and karate, I also began heading down similar paths as my father and mother, learning and taking part in courses such as Sedona Method, The Journey, Hypnosis, and meditation from an early age. During High school, I played Field Hockey, Rugby and swam for four years and ended high school with a passion for health education. Directly after high school, I began competing in Taekwondo and ended up spending a month in South Korea to train. Naturally, I finished Kinesiology as my University Honours degree, while taking courses in college for Holistic Nutrition.

Then my travels began as did my continuing education. Courses such as Transformational Meditation, Bootcamp, Personal Training, Sports Therapy, Reiki 1 & 2, Prananadi 1 & 2 in Hungary, Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Yoga Teacher training and energy healing in India, SUP Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego, Ashtanga Teacher Training in India, Plant-Based sports nutrition course and the list goes on. 

Apart from training clients with health issues to elite athletes, I trained groups from Yoga classes to guided meditation, to fitness and Qi Gong.

I held Health and wellness seminars for major companies, conducted fitness pin testings on members of the Toronto Police Service, returned to Hungary to teach Euro-Gym classes in the fitness studios we still ran, learned courses on foraging and herbs and superfoods. Having spent many years traveling and learning about cultures, their superfoods and recipes, I learned about the detoxification of the body and conducted juice cleanses for groups that entailed not just a physical cleanse but an emotional and mental one as well. 

Tell us how you made your way to Natura Cabana and your current tasks.

When I arrived in Cabarete I found myself coming to Natura Cabana on a friend’s insistence to inquire about any yoga instructor vacancies. From the moment I arrived at Natura Cabana, it was love at first feel. Not only was this place a delight for the eyes but for the heart as well. Feeling the good vibes, natural elements of this magical resort, I soon fell in love with the Yoga Temple, its grounds, its values and in a short time its people. I know things happen for a reason, for our highest growth if we notice it, and I will forever be grateful to Natura Cabana for the love and experience it has given me so far in being able to work with wonderful, motivated and passionate people doing exactly what I love doing! They see ideas as a stepping stone to something amazing. And so it is not hard when working with such like-minded people to go from one idea to the next and the next… Beginning with teaching yoga, to meditation, to Pilafit, which is a mix of pilates and barre type class only got me to better get to know others as they got a chance to get to know me. My joy and excitement in meeting others from around the world rubbed off on some people who decided it might be a great idea to turn me into the Enchanting Manager. So here I am today, with many tasks that I love doing, which not only allows me to get to know people from all walks of life but also allows me to be a part of their joyful memories on their vacation…and knowing that somehow perhaps, even if in the littlest of ways, I was able to help in creating a bit of that joy, makes my heart happy.

Melanie teaches Yoga: Monday & Wednesday at 6.30pm, Friday at 6 pm and Sunday at 10am // Pilafit: Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10 am // Guided Meditation: Sunday 11.30 am.

Starting next month, Melanie will also write blogs on our website. Stay tuned.

Her Instagram: @melkisslife

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