Finding balance and acceptance within oneself to feel love is a task most people have a hard time achieving. We were born into this world by being loving individuals, free from self-doubt and judgment. But over the years, through experiences and perhaps teachings, that pure love for oneself and for others may have gotten a little tainted. This is why I write to you about how to fall in love with yourself in none other than the beautiful Natura Cabana.

As if from a dream, I wake up in my beautiful Cabana of Coral, where I hear the birds serenading the joy of a brand new day. I sit up and place my feet on the floor, catching myself saying thank you, as I feel a rush of gratitude enter my heart. Another day in paradise! I open my balcony door and breathe in that fresh salty air. As I stand there, with my eyes closed, I tune in to my breath. Inhale loving vibrations, hold and feel it in my heart center and exhale loving energy out into the universe.

I drink my room temperature glass of water to hydrate my body. Water. What a powerful source. That saying also goes towards our bodies as we are mainly made up of water. 

I change into my comfy activewear and go down the steps of my cabana. I open the door and walk the stone-paved path to the yoga temple for a morning class. I give my body the gift of not only physical movement but also of releasing the old and embracing the present moment. I gift myself with the wonderful 75minute yoga flow that enables me to connect to my body and to the moment, where all that exists is here and now. What greater gift can you give yourself than that of living this very moment, disconnected from worries, regrets, emotions and ultimately your past conditioning. And here, at Natura Cabana, it is easy to work on just that. The yoga temple in and of itself is a magical place, surrounded by nature and the ocean with subtle energies that awaken your soul. A place where love naturally flows and turning inwards seems to be the only place you want to go.

After my wonderful yoga session, my body feels relaxed and at ease, feeling a natural glow radiating from my heart. I walk up to Karaya Restaurant and order my detox smoothie. There is something so soothing and healing about nurturing the body with fresh, local ingredients from mama nature. A love that is shown towards myself each time I choose healthy drinks and meals to nourish my body instead of hindering it. 

 The deliciously healthy smoothie I drank went down ever so easily and fuelled me in all the right ways. So I decided to take a stroll on the beach. Barefoot. One thing about walking barefoot is the immense amount of benefits that go along with it. Our atmosphere has positive ions and the earth has negative ions. In order to create that balance and connection, we need to walk barefoot on sand, grass or dirt paths or by even being close to waterfalls, moving water and perhaps even after a rainstorm. So once again I do good for the body as I wiggle my tootsies in the sand and stand inches away from waves crashing down. A gift I give to my health. A gentle smile naturally curls on my lips at the love I feel for being able to be a part of such beauty.

I quickly looked at my watch and realized the time had been lost in the beauty of my surroundings and I will soon be late for my spa appointment. What better way to pamper the body than by having an earth massage, an anti-aging facial, manicure/pedicure and a chocolate body wrap.

Coming out of the spa several hours later with a beautiful cup of herbal tea, I realized how relaxed and good I felt. My skin was smooth and my face was glowing. I felt beautiful, inside and out. Pampering your physical body goes deeper than your skin. It lifts your spirit and energy. Ah…the power of Attabeyra Spa.

Feeling my tummy rumble I walk up to Karaya Restaurant and order a delicious and healthy Natura bowl. Filled with vegetables, quinoa, nuts, seeds, and cranberries. Mmm… once again nourishment to my body. I eat each bite with gratitude and allow my taste buds to dance the Merengue.

 I took some time by the pool, reading one of my favorites, “Way Of The Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman and working on “Love Yourself. Heal Your Life Workbook” by the beautiful Louise L. Hay, feels magical. The birds chirping, the lush green surroundings and the powerful words on the pages are enough to dive deep into a journey inwards. Soul searching, breaking through all the barriers built around our hearts, and peeling away the layers to get to the core. Love. 

Time ticks away without even noticing it as the present moment is fully engaged. I realize it is time for a quick workout before dinner. I walk barefoot to the YaYa Beach Gym and do a quick high-intensity interval training session.  I admire and giggle at the setup…being taken back to the stone ages with weights and benches made out of wood and pull up bars. Love the setup and feel of this beautiful beach gym. It is functional and I feel the energy of strength and motivation as the sand wiggles between my toes and the salty air washes over me from the ocean meters away. Exercise. The energy and confidence it brings are priceless. Once again a way I show love towards myself is by keeping my body strong and healthy in all aspects. Strength training has so many benefits beyond the physical body, and a great way to improve your energy, mood, and self-esteem is by engaging in it.

Dinnertime comes too soon as I see the sun dimming its strength. I change into my evening summer dress and head to Natura Restaurant for a meal with friends. I ordered the Natura Tuna and a mocktail called summer drink. My taste buds are awakened once again by the flavors and I find myself indulging in every bite. My friends are good fun. Our laughter and good vibes radiate throughout the restaurant. Good company, good vibes are essential to your health. That energy creates happiness, joy, and high-frequency vibrations. These feelings when truly felt from the heart have a physiological impact right down to the cellular level. All with something as simple as joy, happiness, love, and gratitude!

As it is time for me to rest my head on my pillow and dive into sleep with the sound of crickets singing me a lullaby, I remember that the night has not come to an end until I do the last task of the day. My gratitude list.

As I get my notebook and pencil, I start writing down all the wonderful things I am grateful for in my life. Sort of like a written prayer as some might call it. Putting pen to paper, the list grows as do the feelings in my heart. Remembering Dr.Wayne Dyer words “As you lie in bed preparing for your nightly slumber, remember that the last thought you have in your mind can last up to four hours in your subconscious mind.” So I leave the day behind with gratitude and love in my heart. A day filled with love towards myself and others is the perfect way to work on falling in love with myself at Natura Cabana.  

Written by Melanie Kiss

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