Yaya Gym

Open every day, 24/7


Our outdoor “jungle gym” is named after Ya-Ya, the great Taino spirit, giver of life, and the origin of all creation who also brings the ocean to life. He is said to be the spirit, essence and first cause of life in Taino culture.

It was recently built in 2019, making it our newest acquisition here at Natura Cabana. Our gym was made combining a love for fitness and also nature. It allows you to experience the beauty of nature while admiring the beach and trees that surround it. All of the equipment is designed and made by us, using mainly natural elements like wood.


Enjoy a functional workout and feel as though you have stepped back into the stone age. With weights, benches, pull-up bars and battle ropes you can work up a good sweat on the beach with sand between your toes and salty wind in your hair.

Personal trainer available upon request for an extra cost.


*The use of the gym and any lesions are under your own risk. We suggest any child be accompanied by an adult.*