5 Exotic Summer Fruits You Must Try in Cabarete

delicious and nutritious superfoods thrive in the Dominican Republic

One of the most exciting things about a tropical summer is the variety of rare fruits that bloom during this particular season. The Dominican Republic loves fruits and cultivates some of the most exotic on the planet. Since Natura Cabana is known for being a health and eco conscious hotel, we can’t wait to share our favorite 5 Exotic Summer Fruits You Must Try in Cabarete.


First, we have our personal favorite the Guanabana, also called Soursop, Custard-Apple, or Graviola. This incredibly delicious, sweet, and pulpy superfood is almost impossible to export since it is hard to grow, quick to ripen, and very soft. If you are in Cabarete during the summer months, you need to grab this fruit up when you see it! The leaves from the tree make an extremely potent cancer-fighting tea, and if you grind up the seeds, you will have an equally powerful cancer-fighting powder to toss in a smoothie. Considered an antioxidant, Guanabana is high in Vitamin C, B vitamins, Calcium, Iron, and Phosphorus. This miracle fruit is also an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, so it’s perfect for treating infections.


Another favorite, for most of the world, is Mango. The Dominican Republic loves Mango so much there is a huge Mango festival every summer where you can try many varieties of mango and mango based treats. Mango is a great source of Vitamin A, so it’s good for your eyes and immune system. Mango is also fantastic for your skin, inside and out. No wonder it’s so messy to eat! It’s supposed to get all over your face.


Avocado is found year-round in Cabarete, but in the summer these avocados can grow to be as big your head! Plus, they are much cheaper in the summer since everyone has hundreds growing in their backyards. Avocado is a concentrated source of healthy fats that help lower cholesterol, absorb plant nutrients better, and lose weight. Without a doubt, Aguacate is one of those foods you can and should eat daily.


Limoncillos are another cherished treat you must enjoy while you’re in Cabarete. Also called Quenepas, Mamoncillos, or Spanish lime, this fruit is native to Central America and is said to have been brought over to the Caribbean in the pre-Columbian times. It’s eaten like a lychee, except the pulp is sucked off the seed. Limoncillos are high in Calcium, Vitamin C, Antioxidants, and like turkey, this sweet little fruit has high amounts of Tryptophan, so it’s good for your sleep. Legend has it, the tea made from the leaves of the tree are great for healing digestive issues.


Last on our list of exotic summer fruits is Zapote, also called Mamey. The DR has some of the best in the world (even if we do say so ourselves)! Our varieties are bright orange/red in color and will remind you of a sweet avocado. When blended it gives the same creamy consistency as avocado or banana, and just like those fruits, Zapote is also very high in protein and fiber. Like many other fruits and vegetables of an orange or yellow or red color, this fruit is rich in Carotenoids, so it’s good for your eyes and helps prevent many cancers. This super food contains minerals like calcium, iron, copper, and magnesium, so it’s ideal for boosting bone density and overall skeletal strength.

You can find these fruits in every supermarket, fruits stand, and store during June, July, August, and maybe September. We hope you enjoy our favorite 5 Exotic Summer Fruits that happen to be superfoods during your stay in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

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