Natura Cabana Boutique Hotel & Spa highly values the benefits of meditation and yoga. Adding Yôga to your daily routine can help you improve your life quality by gaining strength, flexibility and balance, and body awareness. Along with meditation, yoga helps in developing a higher performance while expanding your respiratory and concentration capacity through different techniques to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

We invite and welcome guests and visitors to practice yoga in our beautiful temple next to the sea. Our yoga instructor Shayna Piercy from Luna Yoga Lifestyle is known for her compassion-centered philosophy and authentic, non-judgmental teaching style. Shayna offers dynamic classes for all level practitioners that will leave you revitalized and relaxed. See our schedule below.

Besides yoga, we also offer pilates classes at our temple. Starting in July, instructor Alexandra Wood from Alma Libre will offer pilates lessons twice per week. Alexandra loves the way Pilates makes her body and mind feel, work, and look so she wants to share these feelings with others. She says that the combination of breathing, stretching, and movement create an alignment in the body.

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Class Schedule

*Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to secure your space and get settled.

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