Why We Love Sosua Beach in the Dominican Republic

Sosua Beach Sunset

Why We Love Sosua Beach

Our Neighbor Located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic

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The North Coast of the Dominican Republic has arguably the most beautiful coastline of Hispaniola. Of all the beaches to visit during your Dominican Republic holiday, we highly recommend visiting Sosua Beach, ranked in the top 25 beaches in the Caribbean. We are going to tell you why you should visit and how to get to Sosua Beach from Cabarete.

Our Own Backyard Beach

Before we get into all the details you want to know about Sosua Beach, let’s take a moment to appreciate Natura Cabanas own beautiful backyard. Our gorgeous private beach has sandy parts perfect for swimming. When there is a north swell, we have a half beach break, half reef break that goes right. But we have to admit, these aren’t the best breaks. So, we recommend nearby Playa Encuentro for surfing. On the plus side, you most likely will surf La Monga alone and who can beat walking out of their room to a wave?

Adding to why we love the beach at Natura Cabana, sunrises are gorgeous from our beach, especially in the winter when the sun rises right over the water. Alas, sunsets from Natura Cabana are our pride and joy! The viewpoint from our location creates a panoramic view of the skyline; it feels like you’re in a bubble on the edge of the entire island seeing the golden sun and sky to the west, beautiful blues to the north, and streaks of pinks and purples to the east.

Our best advice: grab your favorite drink from our bar before you head out for a sunset stroll.

Sosua Beach

Sosua Beach also called Sosua Bay has a similar magical effect when watching sunsets. The gorgeous Mount Isabel de Torres in the distance, usually not as visible during the day, becomes a beautiful dark blue as the sky gets darker. The sun sets over Isabella’s beautiful silhouette creating an all-seeing-eye effect as the rays shoot out from the point of the mountain. Small anchored fishing boats freckle the horizon in the distance and gorgeous sprays of white water splash up the cliffs along the coast.

With swell or not, Sosua Beach has calm glassy waters and soft sand. Along the beach in the shade of naturally growing almond trees are locally owned beach restaurants and bars serving piña coladas in pineapples, a favorite rum drink called “coco loco” in a fresh coconut, and of course ice-cold Presidente beer. Many of the restaurants have a full menu though the most typical beach meal to enjoy in the Dominican Republic is fried fish, tostones (fried plantains), and avocado. Part of Playa Sosua’s charm is the relaxed beach party vibe; you will hear bachata coming from a big family gathering on one side, salsa music from a bar behind you, and reggaeton playing from a phone belonging to the young group next to you.

Local Art

If you like to collect souvenirs or local art while traveling, Sosua Beach is a great place to shop. Local artisans have shops or display their work beachside. You’ll find everything from jewelry to hand-carved kitchen supplies or figurines to canvas paintings showing typical Dominican scenes of all sizes.

Fun things to do at Sosua Beach

Reclining beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rent, so there’s no need to worry about the hot sun. There are also banana boats that are so much fun with a group of friends. If you’ve never been on a banana boat, you must try it! Typically the purpose of riding a banana boat is to get tugged by a motor boat and swung around until you and your group fall off. The boat captains provide life jackets, so it’s safe and fun to go for a ride! Sosua Beach is also a go-to spot for snorkeling, once you arrive, you can ask anyone, and they will point you to the tour operators.

You should also definitely go snorkeling. The reef is a close swim and the water is usually crystal clear. If you didn’t bring your own gear, you can rent everything you need to take the plunge right on the beach for about RD$300 fr as long as you can swim. One of our favorite things about the reef in Sosua is the “cave” that you can swim through. Make sure you bring your GoPro for the most epic snorkeling pics ever!

Getting to Sosua Beach from Cabarete

Getting to Sosua beach from Cabarete is easy. Besides taking a $15USD taxi from Natura Cabana which is the most convenient, you can also take public transportation and enjoy a little more adventure. Walk out to the main road and wait for a public carrito or public guagua to pass by and jump on. For about 30 pesos, they will take you to “Las Escalones de Playa Sosua” meaning the stairs of Sosua Beach. Walk down the stairs, and you’re right in the middle of all the action.

The Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise in which almost every beach has that picture perfect Caribbean look of turquoise blue water and soft golden sand. Here in Cabarete, we are lucky because the most gorgeous beaches on the island are within our 5 mile stretch of coastline. Sosua Beach is a must-visit on your vacation here.

If you’d like us to set up your visit to one of Dominican Republic’s most beautiful beaches, let us know either at our reception desk or via email, and we will take care of the details for you.

Tell us in the comments below why you love Sosua Beach.

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Sosua Beach Sunset

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