NATURA Restaurant


Seafood Bruschetta: with spicy caramelized chili peppers and beer-battered broccoli tempura$700
Bagna Càuda (GF): grilled shrimp served in a garlic and anchovy cream$600
Tuna Tartar (GF): marinated in ginger, sesame, and soy sauce, served with a fresh arugula and roasted onion salad accompanied with mango chutney and pistachio ricotta$580
Mushroom Tartar (VG – GF): with truffle oil, spinach, toasted almonds and raisins with herbs and chard sauce, served with smoked eggplant cream (vegan)$420
Indian Meatballs (GF): made with Angus beef spiced with Hindi flavors and toasted Cajuns served with “guandules” (pigeon pea) sauce and plantain chips$560
Fresh Parm (V – GF): deconstructed eggplant Parmesan in its three main ingredients (baked eggplant parmesan, mozzarella mousse, and tomato confit pesto)$440


Andean (GF): prepared in the typical Northeastern Andean way, marinated in onions and lemon juice with peppers and cilantro, served with yucca chips$560
Green (GF): Mahi-Mahi marinated in lemon juice, lemon zest, green peppers, white onion, mint leaves, green apple, and pumpkin seeds served over an avocado and vodka cream$580
Red (GF): tuna marinated in lemon juice, poppy seeds, red peppers, spicy pepper, cherry tomatoes, and toasted almonds served over sweet potato chips with smoked spices$570


Shrooms (V – GF): Mushrooms, Portobello, and Shitake and chickpea soup with coconut foam$480
Tomato (VG): Martini-style cold tomato soup served with homemade country style bread$420


Rainbow (VG – GF): greens and vegetables served with seeds and dried fruits in a sundried tomato pesto$470
Wakame (VG – GF): wakame and quinoa in a nori cone with tahini, lemon, and dill dressing served with crispy linseed (shrimp optional).
With Shrimp
Crispy Chicken (GF): baby lettuce, avocado, mango, green olives, and chicken breaded in coconut and sesame, served with a ginger and mint mayonnaise$480
Grilled Tuna: bulgur, peppers, celery, onions, ginger, corn, cucumber, and mint served with grilled tuna and a creamy cucumber and mint dressing$440
Mediterranean Mix (V – GF): Grilled vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, onion, tomatoes, onion, peppers, carrots) served with arugula and feta cheese in a Dijon mustard, honey, and lemon dressing$490


Pinky (V – GF): beetroot and basil risotto with Gorgonzola fondue$650
Tuna (GF): tuna and fresh spinach risotto with toasted cashew seeds and basil caviar$740


Sea Linguine: with shrimp bisque and fresh tomatoes served with Cointreau prawns$790
Nancy: straccetti pasta served in an Ossobuco stew with tomato sauce and gremolata$650
Nero Verde: black and green pappardelle in octopus, leek, toasted walnuts, and dried tomato sauce in pumpkin, curcuma and pineapple cream$780
Chai Sorrentinos (V): filled with carrots, raisins, and goat cheese served in a chai tea sauce$630
Fresh Orecchiette: with zucchini veloute, speck shrimp, and fresh arugula$650
Gold Gnocchi: potato gnocchi served in saffron cream with Italian sausage$610
Baked Ravioli (V): ravioli in a cherry tomato sauce au gratin with smoked scamorza cheese$680


Glazed Pork (GF): pork tenderloin wrapped in speck and pistachios served with glazed purple cabbage and apple and gin sauce with ginger, honey, garlic, and rosemary sauce$750
Malbec (GF): grilled Angus filet in a Malbec red wine sauce with scallions, served with potato gratin$1,500
Grilled Steak (GF): Angus steak with crunchy yucca drizzled with garlic, fresh parsley, and coffee sauce$800
Goat Gigot: stuffed with rosemary, mint, carrots, and garlic confit accompanied with an onion wok and a mint salad with demi-glace sauce$1,200
Tropical Chicken Breast: filled with mango and cacao powder served with sage farinata and a bittersweet balsamic vinegar reduction$700


Floral Mahi-Mahi: mahi-mahi served with an onion muffin and a flower petal salad with passion fruit coulis and yellow peppers$720
Symphony (GF): grilled shrimp, tuna, mahi – mahi, octopus, and prawns served over fresh greens$900
Natura Tuna (GF): tuna served with pistachio oil and pink pepper with a side of Mediterranean vegetable gratin aromatized with mint$920
Jack Prawns (GF): prawns in Jack Daniels sauce served with lettuce, avocado, orange, tomato, corn, cilantro, and salad$1,200


Trinity Curry (VG – GF): lychee and cashew curry sautéed with green vegetables, served with sprouts and basmati rice$680
Raw Zoodles (VG – GF): zucchini noodles with spinach and walnut pesto accompanied with confit tomatoes and fried kale$650
Natura Milanese (V): breaded eggplant in panko and lime filled with emmenthal cheese, served with mashed potatoes with Moringa and homemade BBQ sauce$600


Chocolate Volcano: chocolate cake with a warm chocolate center, served with homemade vanilla and saffron icea-cream$550
Tiramisu: classic Tiramisu made with a passion fruit$400
Raw Tart (VG – GF): raw tart made from 100% cacao, cacao butter, avocado, and bananas, with an almond, raisin, grape, and coconut oil base$520
Crème Brûlée (GF): pumpkin and coconut crème brûlée$420
Cacao Ravioli: homemade cacao ravioli filled with ricotta, citrus peels, chocolate chips, and dried fruits in a guayaba sauce$580
Lemon Pie: deconstructed lemon pie (lemon mousse, pink salt crumble, and Italian merengue)$450

18% tax and 10% legal service included

V: vegetarian
VG: vegan
GF: gluten free