Natura Cabana Boutique Hotel & Spa
Paseo del Sol # 5, Perla Marina
Cabarete, Dominican Republic
+1 809 571-1507
+1 809-571-1056

A young, Chilean couple had once taken a trip to the Dominican Republic, loved it, and, in 1996, decided to move there with their four young daughters. Their families thought that they were crazy, as it was such a radical change to move to the D.R. when they enjoyed a most civilized life in Vinha del Mar. And they had nothing waiting for them there -no job, no plan. Even so, this brave couple decided to go through with their wild scheme. The waterfront land that they had purchased was studded with palm trees but basically it was bush and it housed hundreds of wasp nests. This jungle had to be cleared and the wasps eradicated before the father, an architect, could begin building their home. Like in the story of the Swiss Family Robinsons, the felled trees were used in the construction and palm fronds were thatched for the conical roofs.

Everything in Natura Cabana came from this daring couple: he, the natural-born architect, and she, the lover of homeopathic medicine, both passionate defenders of the environment. They designed every inch of the project with their exceptional taste, putting shells and corals in the walls, drawings on the stucco, with everything coming together in a harmonious way.

What is now the reception area at Natura Cabana and some of the accommodations are what used to be the residence of this Chilean family. Whenever friends and family came to visit, they didn’t want to leave and would even offer to pay to stay just a little bit longer. So, one day, the original guest house was transformed into two, then three, and little by little, guests began to arrive through word-of-mouth, hearing that there were delightful, rustic cabins by the beach. Eventually, people from all over the world learned about this adventurous family’s brilliant idea.

Natura Cabana - History