Young Love

Once upon a time, a young Chilean couple vacationed in the Dominican Republic and loved it! So in 1997, we decided to move to Cabarete with our four young daughters. Our families thought we bumped our heads since it was such a radical change from the “normal” life we lived in Viña del Mar, Chile. We had nothing waiting for us here – no job, no plan. Even so, we bravely (some say naively) decided to throw caution to the wind and purchased some beachfront land. Although the raw property came studded with palm trees, it also came with bushes infested with hundreds of wasp nests!

Match Made in Heaven

We developed the concept of the project from our passions: he, the natural-born architect, and she, the lover of homeopathic medicine. Like in the story of the Swiss Family Robinson, we used the felled trees in the construction and the palm fronds for the thatched roofs. We decorated the bungalows using our eclectic taste, with shells and corals on the walls, and hidden drawings on the stucco.

Home Sweet Home

We were so proud of what we had built that we couldn’t wait to invite friends in family. The only problem? They did not want to leave and would even offer to pay to stay longer! What a dilemma. Eventually, one guesthouse morphed into two, then three new cabanas. Guests began to inquire about the rumored secret cabanas by the beach. Before we knew it, people from all over the world had learned about our “adventurous family’s brilliant idea” and our home started “growing up” into an ecolodge. So, the hidden slice of tropical heaven where chose to raise our children is now Natura Cabana Boutique Hotel and Spa.