As you may already know, Natura Cabana isn’t only a hotel by the beach. We offer various services such as restaurants, a yoga temple, an organic garden, and a full-service spa; The Attabeyra Spa. 

We have put our heart and soul into our artfully designed spa, named after the Water God of the Taino Indians. We gather the powerful energy of the sea and land to focus on healing treatments that transport you to a magical experience of transformation; full of love and care.

This year, we’ve partnered with Manon Calvignac, a good friend of ours to recreate a new spa menu with a new theme, the 5 elements. Manon has worked on developing some new treatments and a new skincare line with Alita from Raiz Herbal and she has formed all of our estheticians with new techniques of massage and skin treatments. 

On September 14th, we inaugurated our new spa menu during an event where guests were offered a free massage followed by an herbal tea tasting of their choice within the 5 elements; earth, fire, water, air, and aether.

After, the guests were invited to attend a ceremony in honor of the full moon during which they were asked to write a wish that they would like to manifest in their lives. Then the wishes were burned after a meditative walk through our Buddha Path. The evening ended with fresh juices at our new beach bar under the beautiful full-moon sky. 

Who is Manon Calvignac? 

– Tell us a little bit about you and your professional background.

I grew up in Sosua/Cabarete and moved Palma de Mallorca at the age of 10. At 17, I went to France where I was accepted in a renowned business preparation school. The memory of Natura Cabana, where I used to play in the treehouse and had the dream of one day creating the same kind of place, stayed in my mind. I have always been drawn to wellness and massages thanks to my mother who inspires me. After a year in the academic and business world, I realized it wasn’t my path, and still with my dream in mind I applied for a 2-year course specialized in the cosmetic, perfume and spa industry. As soon as I had my diploma, I started working on my first spa!

My father welcomed me to his home in Dubai, where I met Karen Locher, and I started learning about a new way of approaching the body through the lenses fascia and the importance of space. I continued learning by her side as well as other therapies.

I then moved to Barcelona where I had the opportunity to work in the award-winning world’s best spa and eventually went to the French alps and worked in the spa of a beautiful family 4-star hotel. We worked with a natural herbal brand which was very inspiring and in line with my values. At that point, I felt ready to go back to my home country, the Dominican Republic. In my search for a job, I saw that Natura Cabana now had a spa and funny how life goes I contacted them and they were looking for someone to do some changes in the spa and manage it: my dream served on a plate of gold!

– How was this project initiated?

When creating the spa, Lole was inspired by Attabeyra, the Taino goddess of creation and fertility, mother earth! This is the energy that inspires us. The products we wanted to use had to be the rawest and most natural, so we collaborated with Raiz Herbal. I remember meeting Alita for the first time, surrounded by all her jars full of different herbs and creating all her medicinal mixtures whilst entertaining her clients with her knowledge!

So there, we were three women with the same vision and we connected in a way that made this project possible.

– Tell us about your vision with the new Attabeyra Spa menu and the rebranded concept.

The Attabeyra Spa has a new menu, where you will find treatments which will deeply connect you back to Nature and back to a place of peace in your heart. Let yourself be taken care of by our newly formed estheticians, Magaly, Antonia, Fabiola and, Dileysi, which have been there every step of the way. There is still a lot to come for Attabeyra SPA, for Natura Cabana, and for Cabarete! This is the start of a great adventure. The world needs more care, but first, we must take time and let ourselves be taken care of…

We are happy to offer our guests 25% off our spa treatments during summer and fall stays. Spa treatments must be booked in advance, please contact our Front Desk or Reservations department to do so. Email:

Written by Catherine Levasseur

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