How Traveling Can Help Depression and Anxiety

How traveling can help with depression and anxiety

Today is World Health Awareness Day (Oct. 10), a day when the world unites to bring awareness to mental health issues. This year’s theme is mental health in the workplace. Roughly, 1 in 5 adults in the United States experiences a mental illness with anxiety and depression being the most prevalent of them all. The good news is traveling helps our minds relax from our daily lifestyle.

Oftentimes, our lives turn into daily routines of waking up, brushing our teeth, dressing up, and being stuck at work or school for eight consecutive hours. While routines make some people comfortable, for others it makes life difficult creating feelings of emptiness and unhappiness. Long hours at work and little to no time for yourself decreases the number of endorphins and oxytocin released in our brains. These chemicals are what makes us happy; without them we cannot function productively.

So here are just a few reasons how traveling can stimulate your happiness and help you maintain a healthy and strong mind.

New Places

When you’re ready to take a weekend getaway from work, escape to small towns in the Caribbean islands, like Cabarete. So many people travel to well-known places like France and Spain that if you were to go there, you would be one more tourist. Small towns like Cabarete feel new, but will also make you feel at home.

New Faces

It is much easier to meet new people in a small town than it is to meet them in big metropolitan cities. In a small town like Cabarete, you’ll notice everyone is like family. You’ll meet expatriates from the US, Canada and from various European countries who will make you feel at home by speaking your language and introducing you to the local Dominican culture. And just like that, you’ll start creating your own network of people in case you need to travel again in the future.

New Food

Food is one of the most popular attractions of any place you travel to. Trying new dishes, like the typical Dominican breakfast, will have your palate partying all day. So many flavors in one single bite will have your heart pumping and wishing for more. Not to mention Dominican’s live for tropical fruits and every time you visit there will be a new fruit in season.

Explore Your Surroundings

Like small towns, eco-lodges make your traveling getaways even more personalized. Researchers found that nature can rewire our brains because it serves as a therapy to relax the mind. Natura Cabana, for instance, has a beach in its front yard and a jungle in its backyard. If you’re not ready to venture out and meet new people, simply take a walk down its beautiful beach or jungle. If you don’t feel like walking, ask for a horse and you can carry on and explore your surroundings.

Express Yourself

There is no greater feeling than expressing yourself. In today’s time, social media is the queen of all communication platforms. Tweet your feelings, Instagram your food and Facebook your travels. All these platforms can be used positively to increase your self-esteem. Turn yourself into a social media influencer for the weekend. Take a yoga class and pose, draw a heart on the sand or take a picture with a cocktail in hand. Enjoy the attention you receive from social media. But above all things, enjoy your travels, yourself and live life to the fullest.

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