Daily Cleanse With Lime Water

By January 11, 2017The Healthy Stuff
Find out the benefits of lime water

lime water

Lemon water might be what you are missing in your morning routine to stay healthy, hydrated and energized. Most recipes call for lemon but here in Cabarete, these bundles of citrus can be hard to find. So when life doesn’t give you lemons…make lime water! Both share the same potent nutritional benefits.

One simple drink. Countless impressive benefits

Limes are packed with vitamin C. Powerful antioxidants like vitamin C help fend off colds and even the flu by stimulating more white blood cells to support the immune system. A perfect boost for travelers looking to keep their edge against foreign bacteria and extra energy to take it all in.

Limes are also packed with a punch of potassium. These perfect nutrients revitalize and balance your dormant digestive system because they increase enzyme function as well as neutralizing inflammatory acids. The citric acid in citrus is antimicrobial, fighting gingivitis and bad breath.

Antioxidants from limes help protect your body from free radicals and prevent cell damage, the biggest source of aging. Healthier cells mean more youthful skin, muscles, and brain. Plus citric antioxidants increase the production of collagen. Essential for keeping healthy smooth skin in Cabarete’s salty and sun-soaked environment.

The most dramatic improvement will be the effect on your body’s pH. Your body’s pH level alters your body in many complex ways. High acid is a cozy environment for inflammation, sickness, and disease. A balanced, more alkaline environment supports positive mood, digestion, and recovery. A week of drinking lime water could be the difference between you sitting on your surfboard at Encuentro beach or sitting on your toilet all day.

Remember little by little becomes a lot. One glass of lime water a week is better than zero, but a daily habit is what will make the difference between tired and energized or sick and thriving.

Try it out and let us know how awesome you feel! Here are two easy options to get you started:

  1. Simply squeeze a half to full lime or lemon into a full glass of water and drink 🙂 or
  2. Buy a dozen and squeeze the juice into an ice tray for frozen lemon or lime ice cubes that add a zesty kick to bland water.

Both options work equally well, but the benefits are optimized when taken in the morning 20 minutes before any food or coffee. This morning detox with also helps absorb more nutrients from your breakfast while reducing the acid effects of coffee.

If you have just lime water, remember to RINSE with water to prevent any enamel wear from the citric acid. BUT, don’t brush your teeth right away after drinking the lemon/lime water, other wise you’re actually just brushing the citric acid into the enamel. Rinse mouth out or wait 20mins – 1hr to brush.








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