Cabarete Wind Guide

When is it windy it Cabarete?

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Cabarete is the perfect location to learn and enjoy Wind sports. We’ve looked at the last decade of stats and will describe what you can expect from the wind and the town throughout the seasons in our Cabarete Wind Guide.

At a Glance

The trade winds from the western hemisphere blow side/on-shore for 300+ days a year. There are no real seasons in the Dominican Republic, it’s warm all year and some months there’s a lot of rain. It will be hot, and it will be windy.

Every day around 11 am/noon the wind starts picking up, kiters start to wake up, and schools are teaching beginners the basics of kiteboarding. The wind keeps getting stronger throughout the day, usually at its peak around 4-5pm and ordinarily dying off after sunset.

For the last ten years, the only time we have less than average conditions are in the years we are affected by El Niño – those years still bring 260+ days over 10 knots.

Winter vs. Summer

Cabarete locals kite and surf all year. The most popular time to come to Cabarete for wind sports is Jan- March and June-September. In the winter the wind will average 12-17 knots and the summer averages 13-22 knots. The difference is Winter months have storm and wave swells, Summer months bring flatter waters.

Windsports in the Fall

Once the fall starts approaching, the coastline of Cabarete begins to shrink due to Hurricane season and wave swells that are sometimes double overhead. Swells are great news for Surfers and Kite surfers and a humbling spectacle for beginners and people on the beach. Despite the receding beach in the fall, many stretches of beach keep well.

When the wind blows right, we kite.

In Cabarete, we take on the wind 70-90% of the year. If you’re a Kiteboarder, Windsurfer, or Sailor you’ll be thanking your lucky stars every Cabarete night for warm water and consistent good conditions.


In the morning, expect a glassy ocean and no wind at all. Go surf, snorkel, or paddleboard instead 😉
Like kitesurfing on waves? Fall/Winter is the time to come for you; If you like doing tricks or just cruising you may enjoy the Summer’s flat months more.
Even if you have a tight schedule just show up, you’re going to have a great time here no matter what and chances are, conditions are reliable.

Check out Where to Kite in Cabarete for more info on spots in the area.
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