Cabarete Kite Spot Guide

Where to Kite in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Depending on your skill level and riding style, you have a few places to choose from for your wind sport. Below is a brief description of the areas starting from the east of Cabarete and following the wind down to the last spot in town:

La Boca

Named so because it’s the mouth of Rio Yasica. This river is flat and also used for wakeboarding. It’s a great place if you like flat water or doing tricks. La Boca is 5 miles east (upwind) of Cabarete making it the preferred spot from which to start a downwinder.

Local Secret: Great fried fish here!


Cabarete Bay

Here is where the majority of the bars and restaurants are located and is often called “Town,” “El Pueblo,” or “El Centro.” Cab Bay is the only beach Windsurfing schools are and also where most windsurfers choose to ride due to all the Kiters on Kite Beach. The Bay is somewhat shallow and is a mostly sandy bottom with small stretches of reef in certain parts.

Bozo Beach

As you move west, El Centro becomes Bozo. There’s lots of sand to launch and land your kite from, even in the fall when Kite Beach’s coastline comes up to the hotels. When there is a swell, Boogie Boarders and Grom surfers like to come and enjoy the little, sometimes barreling wave that breaks here. There are no Kite Schools on Bozo Beach. Many schools from Kite Beach and the Bay walk their students here to avoid all the Kiters on Kite Beach.

Kite Beach

Unmistakably the preferred spot to Kite for most, Kite Beach is home to most of the Kite schools and the best Dominican Kiters; it’s a great place to catch a happy hour and watch riders jumping and spinning high in the air. Just under a kilometer from the shore, there’s a reef that breaks incredible waves. The water back there is shallow, so when swells are big, only experienced Kitesurfers should attempt riding the waves. Beginners practice close to the shore and wear helmets; they are easy to identify and avoid.


Here is the last stop for down-winders in Cabarete, the reef that is far out in Kite Beach gets closer and closer to the shore as you go Downwind from Cabarete. Encuentro is the official surf beach of the North Coast and has some of the best and most consistent waves in the country. Most schools close by 3 pm so make sure to pre-arrange transportation from Encuentro, this beach is known to be dodgy after business hours.

Local Secret: The downwinder from Kite Beach to Encuentro is fun for wave riding. There is a secret break between the two beaches called “G-Spot,” if the swell is good you’ll know when you’ve hit it.

Speak to our front desk to book Kite or Windsurfing lessons:

Enjoy this fun video showing off almost all of our kite spots.

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