Cabarete Surf: Guide to Playa Encuentro

Cabarete Surf: Guide to Playa Encuentro

Cabarete Surf

Guide to Playa Encuentro

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Our small town of Cabarete, Dominican Republic has a lot to be grateful for: perfect weather, beautiful people, consistent wind, superfoods growing wild everywhere to name a few. Of all the blessings Surfers have to be grateful for, Playa Encuentro is our Pride and Joy. We are going to talk about the overall vibe of the beach and describe the different peaks at this world-class Surf destination.

Encuentro Surf Season

Although we do have a Surf Season, Encuentro waves are surfable year round. What you want to remember is If you’re a beginner or excited to learn to surf you can come to Cabarete any time to get one-on-one instruction for standing up on waves. Experienced Surfers should come for the world class waves during Hurricane Season.

Encuentro Vibe

Encuentro has it’s own charm due to the beach dogs running free, families laying out watching the surfers, and wooden brightly-colored beach shacks along the shore. Every morning you will lounge, surf, and socialize in the tropical setting you want to experience when you come to the Dominican Republic.There’s a lifeguard on duty which gives peace of mind. The schools open around sunrise and are closed by 3 pm when the wind is in full swing and makes for a more challenging surf session. There is a small café that opens at 8 am serving coffee, fruit, smoothies, and snacks.

We have a few different peaks visible from the shore. The swell direction is what determines which peak works best. Here is what you need to know about each of these peaks starting from the West.

The Breaks at Encuentro

  • Destroyer: As the name suggests, this shallow peak is dangerous. The rip currents have challenged the best of swimmers. When conditions are perfect, locals surf here to avoid the crowd. If you’re not an advanced Surfer check out some of the other peaks instead, the shallow waters and sharp, jagged corals are not to be taken lightly 😉 This peak works best with a North Swell.
  • The Left: On a beach with mainly rights, this peak goes left. The left tends to draw a crowd of highly skilled Surfers because only works on a good day, and it brings tight, fast barrels (since the floor is mostly sand with patches of reef.) This peak works best with a North Swell.
  • The Right: Located in front of the stretch between the Restaurant and Chino’s Surf School, this is the central peak of Encuentro. Beginners are not allowed to surf here (for their safety), and inexperienced Surfers are recommended to surf elsewhere as the locals here take their waves seriously. You can take lefts here too. This peak works best with a North East Swell.
  • Bobo’s Point (also referred to as 3-2-1):
    Also primarily a right that can go left. Beginners surf in the whitewash and are asked to stay here. The lineup is less crowded here than the Right since most surfers want to avoid beginners. This peak works best with a North East Swell.
  • Coco Pipe: On big days Coco Pipe breaks biggest and breaks world-class waves. Beginners should not surf here as the water is shallow. Paddleboarders can surf here and nowhere else in Encuentro for safety reasons. This peak works best with a North Swell.

Playa Encuentro: The Most Consistent Surf Spot in the Caribbean

Encuentro has a lot to offer Vacationers and Surfers alike. Whether or not you want to ride the multiple peaks on this beautiful beach, the chill atmosphere and tropical setting make for a perfect location to enjoy your morning.

If you are interested in surf lessons, feel free to let us know at reception or email us and we will set you up with a ride and lessons.

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